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I have an email address that's shorter:

There have been some problems with this ad feature.

Lately, some spammers have been able to post ads without filling out the form. This site is on some list(s) to do that. I dis-connected the automatic posting feature, but I still get a notice when someone is posting. There are 20 to 30 spammers a day.

There are people gleaning the web to get email addresses for scams. The people that do post start getting spam emails which they blame on me. I am not doing that.

Someone that sees that I don't post the spam ads has figured out a way to delete the entire ad section, which is why it is frequently blank.

People like to post their own ads, and haven't been emailing me to do it for them. It may because of the spam they will receive.

For these reasons, The ad section is not working at this time. It lasted for about ten years and it's too bad it can't continue, I hope things will change in the future.

Jon Zimmers