Welcome to my Antique Tools Home Page. I have been selling old tools on the web since 1995. The first one on the web. I have worked hard to get the best quality tools that I can.

I describe my tools as completely accurate as I can. I make sure they are complete for type and completely functional for use. If there are any problems, I state them. I have twenty years of satisfied customers that agree. They are guaranteed to your satisfaction and can be returned. If you are looking for something that you don't see, let me know. Maybe I can help you.

I am starting to list some more user-grade tools for you in my lists, or in my Bargain Bin.

They are getting harder to find now. I am always looking. I buy tools. Especially in the Oregon / Washington area. If you have some antique or user tools you think I would like, let me know.

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If you find mistakes or things don't work for you or you have comments, or suggestions about this home page send e-mail.

PRIVACY POLICY: I do not share credit card or other information with any third parties.

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